Beating Your Opponents at Razz

The key to beating your fellow poker players in Razz is to try and stay focused. Knowing that even the best of starting hands could cause major frustration, and loss of money if you don’t try to keep yourself grounded in the game mentally. Quite often you can lose focus because Razz can change so quickly that you don’t have time to adjust your thinking. So mastering your own mind, can help you in this game tremendously.

Once you have yourself under control it is important that you pay strict attention, to the board cards so that you know what cards you will need. As the hand goes along further you will know if there cards still in the deck that will ultimately help you.

Watching the Player Next to You

Almost as important as watching the board is your ability to read your opponents. If you pay attention to every time a card is put in front of them, it takes just two cards (bricks) as they are often called, that could kill their hand. So after all the betting rounds you can see if they are waiting on that one card. They might already have the card they need or they could have missed.

It is important to use the cards you have in front of you to your advantage. By betting aggressively that puts the thoughts in the other players minds. That if they want to have a chance to win this pot they will either have to call a big bet or raise one.


In Razz if you can wait to play the good starting hands even if you do portray a tight table image. Reason is that there are always players out there with their runner, runner dreams.

Quick Razz Poker Tips

I have compiled some key Razz tips that should help you on your way, and separate you from the average players.

The minimum dealt hand that you should be playing when your opponents up cards are strong is three cards to a seven.

The minimum dealt hand that you should be playing when your opponents up cards are marginal three cards to an eight.

Always be observant, but not making it obvious to watch all the cards on the board. Look for the cards that would help your hand. If many of the cards are exposed that is not good for you. However if you just see a few cards, that could help you that could potentially good for your hand.

If you honestly believe you are behind in a hand after fifth-street, you should fold to any bet.

If you are heads up at the end of a hand, and catch bad on seventh-street you should call a bet if you have any possible hand of winning it. Your opponent might have missed to and could be betting out of desperation. Also the math would usually indicate that you make the call on that premise alone.

The name of the game is patience, in Razz your cards will come. Before playing Razz you have to make your thinking is opposite than when you play the other poker games.